Wave Hockey Learn to Skate and Pre-Power Skating

For ages 3-10. choose from 30-minute classes running June through August. Choose Saturday mornings, or Wednesday evenings. LEARN TO SKATE: Professionally Certified Coaches with their Trained Instructors, teach children skating skills using toys, music and games. Preschool children will be taught basic skills such as standing, balance, gliding, forwards and backwards and other required skills to progress through the Wave PreSchool Program. Report cards will be given out at the end of each Session. Neck guards and helmets with full cages are mandatory.
PRE-POWER SKATING: For ages 5-9. This program is for boys & girls ready to step-up their basic skating skills while using a hockey stick in fun 30 minute classes. Focus will be on forwards, backwards, stops and starts, crossovers and turns. Neck guard, certified helmet with full face cage, stick and gloves are required. Skater must be able to glide forwards and backwards. Coaches reserve the right to move skaters back to the Learn to Skate program. No hockey equipment to be worn, shin and elbow pads are allowed.
Note: To participate in our Pre-Power Skating program, skaters must have already passed the Wave Level 3 of our Learn to Skate program or an equivalent. Coaches can assess skaters on first day or before if they are already in another program. Skaters may be moved at coaches' discretion.
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